CF resurection approval - What does it mean for SmartBCH?

In regards to this: CoinFLEX Seychelles Approval Order

Can you discuss what the next move for sBCH will be?

How long until sha-gate?

What will users options be for bridging BCH <-> sBCH be until Shagate?

Who is apart of the SmartBCH Alliance that is to hold the backing to sBCH?

Thanks for your hard work Kui and team!


Yooooo. can we get some answers around here? You’re posting updates but ignoring questions the entire community asks, at least what’s left of the community. We need answers before everyone else has enough and gives up on the project. You built a great product, but communication has been absolutely non-existent.

1 Like Most of us from the sBCH community have been here basically from when the chain launched in '21 and are still here waiting for better days because we really like the chain. According to Mark the restructuring is well underway and according to him a bunch of meetings have been had with the SmartBCH alliance. Some answers and transparancy on the restructuring/next steps for sBCH/SHA-gate would be greatly appreciated.

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